Thermostat DEI-625

  • DEI-625 Thermostat, Thermometer and Timer. One sensor.
  • Temperature range : -45ºC a +55ºC
  • Tolerance 1 ºC
  • NTC sensor 1,5 mt. length
  • Connection via 12-volt transformer 220 / 12 V including
  • Relay contact output of 25 Amp. 250 Vac
  • 02 Free switches for Compressor and lights on (10 Amp.)

Thermostat - Timer DEI-625E, with a slim front panel makes it the best alternative to control refrigerated display cabinets and counters.

This product has two independent thermostat circuit breakers and is rated for 10 amps. each. Originally, one is arranged to turn the equipment on or off and the other for the lighting of the equipment to be controlled.

In addition to controlling the temperature, this instrument has the ability to program defrosts by compressor stop time. The instrument can be locked to prevent mishandling by the end user.

Dimensions AC 100V ~ AC 240 V, 50/60 Hz. With 12V transformer
Setting range T ° -40 ° C +40 ° C
Tolerance 1 °C
Input voltage AC 100V ~ AC 240 V, 50/60 Hz.
Front switches 2 independent switches for On / Off and Lighting
Compressor contact capacity 25 Amp/250VAC



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