4 Poles Motors

Compact motors

Cross-flow Bolwers

External Rotor 250-450mm

External Rotor 500-630mm

External Rotor 700-750mm

NEW Energy Saving Motor

Shaded-pole motors

Special motors

Corner Curved Glass

Curved Tempered Glass

Controler DEI-711 AC use

Microprocessor DEI-107FE

Microprocessor DEI-767 AC use

Microprocessor DEI-811

Microprocessor DEI-815

Thermometer DEI-101

Thermometer DEI-636

Thermostat DEI-104

Thermostat DEI-106H

Thermostat DEI-617

Thermostat DEI-625

Timer DEI-300ALE

Timer DEI-300BLE

Universal card DEI-737CR

Cable Heaters

Constant power heaters

Defrost elements

Drain Line Heaters CDL

FNHM-015 Condenser

FNHM-022 Condenser

FNHM-028 Condenser

FNHM-033 Condenser

DD Series air-cooler evaporators

DJ Series air-cooler evaporators

QD-110H Compressor

QD-128H Compressor

QD-158H Compressor

QD-75H Compressor

QD-91H Compressor

Maxi Elebar Pressure balancing valve

Oil seprarator

RSPC series liquid receiver

RSPCL-BL and RSPCL-BW series liquid receiver

Suction Accumlator

Sliding door lock

Universal internal and external handle

Window Oval

Hydraulic gas springs

Lift Up Hardware

Multi-Wing blades

240S sliding door system

240S Sliding Door System with 480 guide

480TN sliding door system

Fixing frame profile

Panel door profile 100mm

Panel Door Profile 70mm

Refrigerator door frame profile 140mm

XINGFA Compressor

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