Microprocessor DEI-811

  • DEI-811 Microprocessor. Two sensor. Accessory available: External display
  • Temperature range -40 °C a +70°C, 0.5 °C resolution
  • Input voltage 110-240 Volt
  • Compressor relay contact output of 1.5 Hp. to 220 Volt
  • Defrost relay contact output of 15 Amp. 250 Vac
  • Fan relay contact output of 3 Amp. 250 Vac
  • Light relay contact output of 3 Amp. 250 Vac
  • DEFOG relay contact output of 15 Amp. 250 Vac
  • Output alarm contact (NO)
  • (Accesory) External display with 3 mt. cable, extendable up to 30 mt.
  • 15 Preset Programs
  • Full programmable

Multifunction controller with 23 programming parameters. The controller has 15 pre-established programs for different applications (low, medium and high temperature), in addition to having the possibility of establishing its own program.

It has a second display (sold separately), which indicates the temperature and the status of the equipment (running or defrosting). This display can be extended up to a distance of 100 mt.

The front panel allows to turn on the equipment or cold room lights and the door frame or anti-condensation heater.

Dimensions 75mm height x 175mm width x 75mm depth (+/- 1 mm)
Operation range -5°C / +55 °C
Current AC 100 ~ 240V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
T ° display range -40 °C a 70 °C / 0,5 °C resolution
Ambient T ° and defrost sensors NTC. 1.5m long
Compressor relay capacity 1,5 Hp. A 220V
Heater relay capacity 15 A/250VAC
Fan relay capacity 3 A/250VAC
Lighting relay capacity 3 A/250VAC
DEFOG relay capacity 15 A/250VAC
Alarm output NO contact (green wire inside)
External temperature monitor 3 mt cable. length




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