Thermostat DEI-104

  • DEI-104-F Thermostat, Thermometer and Timer. One sensor. Decimal point.
  • Temperature range : -40C a +45C
  • Differential tolerance 0.5 C
  • NTC sensor 1,5 mt. length
  • 220 Volt / 50 Hz. Direct conection.
  • Defrost by compressor stop time programmable

Thermostat - timer DEI-104F of a probe. Easy programming of only 14 parameters.
Direct connection to 220 Volt with internal transformer which facilitates wiring.
Standard front panel measurements to replace any similar instrument.

T display range -40 C a +40 C - 0,5 C resolution
T sensor 1,5 mt. Long NTC type
Current AC 220 V, 50 Hz.
Relay capacity 7 A/250VAC
Defrost By compressor stop time
Dimensions 34,5mm height x 75mm width (+/- 1 mm)
Hole dimiensions 30mm height x 72mm width (+/- 1 mm)



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