Cable Heaters

  • Cable Heaters
  • 10 ohm/m to 20.000 ohm/m
  • Manufactured from 3.0mm silicone cable
  • Optional mesh tinned copper protection
  • Available Lengths 3.7 - 5.5 - 8.0 - 11.0 mt. , Other lengths on request
  • Standard output of 20 Watt / mt.

The Cx series heating cable can be used in the most varied applications, industrial and commercial refrigeration, domestic applications, etc., where it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature or protect against the formation of ice.
Supplied cut to size and ready for use: the end user cannot shorten the cable length.
It consists of a central hot part and two cold parts at the ends of the cables to allow electrical connection

Supply voltage 220V / 50hz
Power In stock from 93 to 275 watt
Insulation Silicone
Working temperature -60 °C / 200 °C
Manufacturing Manufactured and tested in accordance with EN60335. Compliance with directive 2014/35 / EU



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